First Look - The Jack

First Look - The Jack


Sometimes, you just never know where design inspiration can come from.

Playing “barefoot” lawn bowls back in his native Australia, Seed founder Dean Klatt was struck by the two concentric circles positioned on the each side on the lawn bowl, and how that helped align the bowlers aim towards the Jack (Jack refers to the small white ball that defines the target, or mark, for all other bowls to be played toward in lawn bowls… it also refers to a well known golfing legend, but that’s another story).

The circles on the lawn bowl looked very similar to Seed’s own logo, so upon return Klatt challenged his design team to research if the same design thinking applied to a golf ball would benefit golfers.

Turns out, it does (and not just for alignment).

The side circle device creates a strong visual alignment aid, allowing the golfer to 

more easily align the ball to the hole. In research conducted by the company 85% of golfers found improved results on 6ft putts by using The Jack over traditional single line alignment device.

The circle device also provides an instant diagnostic tool for the putting stroke, swing path and strike. A balanced and centred stroke will result in the ball rolling true and straight, with the circles creating a visual affirmation (straight, clean roll). 

An open or closed putter face, an overly inside or across the line stroke will all cause the circles to “wobble” after impact, indicating a less than perfect strike. The off centre roll provides immediate visual feedback regarding the stroke and path.

If stroke is an issue, the golfer also can turn the ball 90° and visually see the skid, spin and roll characteristics of the ball from their stroke. This can be very useful for teaching professionals or anyone who is videoing the putting action looking for more visual feedback.

How it works

The Jack works as a form of hyperacuity, providing increased stimulants for the human eye to help focus alignment. The optics of the human eye are extremely simple, with the main imaging component being a single element lens, so any increase in sensory elements such as visual signals or stimuli can improve areas such as alignment.

The Jack is approved by the USGA/R&A for use in tournament play. Available in SD-15 Country Mile White.

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