Frequently asked questions

There a Seed to suit every game.

Our 'Pro' balls are tour grade balls, with cast urethane covers.

The SD-01 is our 'everyman' ball. It suits the widest array of golfers, and pretty much anyone of any ability will benifit from using this one.

The SD-02 is designed for stronger, flatter (i.e lower) ball flight and is ideally suited to play in windy conditions.

The SD-05 is our low compression Pro ball.. we call it 'the tour ball for the rest of us'. It's not designed for tour players, it's designed to enhance performance for golfers with slower or average swing speeds.

The SD-X1 is for the bombers. It's the fastest Seed we've ever produced, and opitmised for higher swing speeds.

The SD-15 is our distance ball. It's a low compression core which will help make your left and rights not quite so left & right.

Our Pro balls give you the maximum perfornace... the ultinate cobination fo distance and control.

You'll find your short game will benifit from using the Urethane cover, as you gain more feel and control around the greens.

The SD-15 is a great ball. Sneaky long, durable, and the low compression means means iit's harder to impart side spin so your bad shots won't be quite as bad. This is especially true for the driver.

Yes. All golfers will benifit from using Urethane, even beginners.

In saying that, if you're still loosing a few out there, the SD-15 is a great ball.

No. You can 'Buy Now' which is just a normal once-off internet purchase.

It's entirely up to you

The Links Balls have been designed an tested in Ireland, to perform best in 'links golf' type conditions.

That means wind, so the Links ball hold their line through the wind and generally feature a stronger (lower) ball flight.

The Stadium balls are designed to fly through the air, will generally fly higher than the links balls and are more suited to a 'drop & stop' type of game.

There's 3 type of Stadium balls, depending on your swing speed.