Seed SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
Seed SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
Seed SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
Seed SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF

Seed SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF

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As good as anything out there, at a price everyone can afford™.

The ultimate combination of tour distance & control.

Long off the tee with the feel and spin control you need,

particularly on approach shots and around the greens.

  • Soft cast urethane cover for tour level spin and feel
  • Designed for the ultimate combination of distance and control
  • Suits golfers of all abilities, from Tour Pros to Weekend Warriors

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
My favorite ball

Great playability, not to firm or soft. Especially impressed with the durability. I use to play pro v and then Vice. This is a better ball.

Jerry Wojenski
Performs like a Champ

Played a round on a very windy day in Orlando. The SD-01 performed surprisingly well. It was my first time using Seed balls and I was thoroughly impressed. Great distance off the tee and irons, yet excellent backspin and control around the greens. My typical balls are either ProV1x or ProV1 and I’ve recently been testing every premium urethane ball from all the top brands. The Seed performs as good, if not better, than the best balls on the market. After reading reviews I was expecting Seed to be a good ball, but I was not expecting it to perform so well. Simply an amazing value for an outstanding ball. Bravo.

Colin Gorman
The yellow one

I’ve been playing the SD-01 since returning to golf in April. Absolutely delighted with the performance. Great distance uff the tee and a smooth feeling on the greens. You have got to try these. Great value from an Irish company

Pat Murray
Great balls but

I was surprised to see price increases especially for good customers

Scott Matthews
Love these balls

I've tried quite a few different balls looking for the reasonably priced alternative to the pro v1.

Having carried out the tests, the SD-01 is for me easily the best ball out there for the price. Great feel and consistency. I now only buy these.