SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF
SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF
SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF

SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF

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A great ball for golfers who want distance, durability and feel (and colour).

The long lama is Now GreenAF.

The new Neon Green SD-15 coating provides an anti-glare effect with better visibility in the sky and on the ground, particularly on those grey winter days. It really is greenAF.

Still with the same low compression core and Surlyn cover.

So why not add some colour to your game. Also available in White & Neon Green.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Scott Layne
SD-15, happy, yet not.

This ball is very visible in winter play, it absolutely goes as advertised a “country mile”, but……. It is hard as a rock. I am not a super soft fan but I do like a “good feel”. I will say this I bought it knowing it was a firmer feel. So, much of this is on me. Finally I will say the trade off of the firm feel with the distance and the visibility makes it possible I keep purchasing these.

The Puma
I love your balls

I took advantage of the multiple box discount. The balls hit pure, feel great, they don't scuff up too easily. Great quality. I wanted to lie and say they're terrible so no one else would find out about my secret.

John Frazer

Great ball …

Brandon Clem

Seed SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF

Decent for the price

For the price these balls play pretty well, I don’t personally love them, but I think that’s more of a preference thing vs there being anything “wrong” with them. They are certainly Green AF, but the shade is on the lighter side which causes me to mistake a yellow leaf for the ball. The only other nit pick would be that the sleeves are made of a very light weight cardboard and don’t hold up well to being tossed in your bag.